We Are The Knuckles Grip Beverage & Lifestyle Company

Our target demographics are the Extreme Action Sports and Lifestyle athletes and their fans who demand more grip, strength, and durability in their beverage bottles.

This is why we created the Ergonomically designed Knuckles Grip container.  We’ve got your fingers covered!  You can run with it, climb with it, ride with it, skate with it, put it into your front or back pocket and go to school with it.

Knuckles Grip: Grip it/Sip it/Rip it™

Knuckles Grip Presentation

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Knuckles Grip Company

Brand Recognition
Patented Bottle Designs
Lifestyle Brand

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Strategic Summmary

Maximum Brand visualization and recognition through creative packaging

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Targeted Demographics

Global domination in the lifestyle brands segment

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The Inventors

Geniuses on vacation

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